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Close the gap with NatGen Flood. Know your area’s flood season and most common flood sources.


Flood Threat Regions

Flooding occurs in every U.S. state and territory, and is a threat experienced anywhere in the country that receives rain.

map of northeast flood zone

Region 1 - Major Threats of Flooding

  • Snow Melt/Ice Jams
  • River Flooding
  • Heavy Rain

map of southeast flood zone

Region 2 - Major Threats of Flooding

  • Hurricane/Tropical Storm
  • Storm Surge
  • Heavy Rain

map of eastern midwest flood zone

Region 3 - Major Threats of Flooding

  • Heavy Rain/Flash Floods
  • Snow Melt/Spring Thaw

map of central midwest flood zone

Region 4 - Major Threats of Flooding

  • Snow Melt/Ice Jams
  • River Flooding
  • Heavy Rain

map of southwest flood zone

Region 5 - Major Threats of Flooding

  • Hurricane
  • Heavy Rain/Flash Floods
  • Snow Melt/Ice Jams

map of northwest flood zone

Region 6 - Major Threats of Flooding

  • Flood after Fire
  • Levee Breach
  • Flash Floods

Current Agent Campaigns & Seasonal Hazards

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National General is an authorized Write Your Own (WYO) company for FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). We offer federal and private flood insurance solutions to provide our agency partners the options they need to customize flood protection for their insureds.

NatGen Flood now offers the following suite of flood insurance products:

  • Admitted Private Flood Insurance - Residential
  • FEMA/NFIP Flood Insurance - Commercial and Residential
  • Multiple Excess & Surplus Flood Products - Commercial and Residential
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