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Floods are the most common natural disaster. They can happen unpredictably, in every part of the country. If you don’t have flood insurance, you’ll have to pay the costs of recovering from a flood out of your pocket or with loans. Flood insurance is there to reduce the financial burden of a flood event. In 2017, the average flood claim was over $35,000. The average flood insurance policy costs less than $700, making it a smart investment.

Know The Facts:

  • Think you don’t live in a flood zone? Everyone lives in a flood zone; floods and flash floods happen all over the country.
  • Do you think a small flood won’t be a problem? Even just an inch of water can cause costly damage to your property.
  • Are you in a low-risk area? Nearly 25% of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) claims come from people who live outside of high-risk areas.
  • Do you live in a high-risk area? A flood is two times more likely to damage your home than a fire.

What Structures Are Covered?

  • Your coverage depends on what type of home you live in.
  • One to Four unit residential units are eligible for up to $250,000 in building coverage and up to $100,000 in personal property coverage.
  • Residential buildings with more than 5 units are eligible for coverage up to $500,000 in building coverage and up to$100,000 on personal property.
  • Non-residential buildings are eligible for up to $500,000 in building coverage and up to $500,000 on personal property.
  • Most NFIP policies require a 30-day waiting period, so don’t delay in protecting your home! If you wait, it could be too late. For more information, click here to see the top ten reasons to buy a flood policy.
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