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With NatGen Premier, your insurance needs are handled with a consultative approach to ensure they are understood. Our dedicated customer service team will provide tailored service partnered with personalized solutions to respond to your home, personal auto, unique collections and umbrella insurance needs. Whether your call is related to questions about your coverage, payment history or if you simply need help finding policy documents, we are here for you.

If you have questions about your coverage or need to make a change to your policy, contact your agent

Contact NatGen Premier’s dedicated customer service team at 1-844-287-2237. Register your policy and start taking advantage of your online benefits by visiting  My Policy.

The Experience you Deserve – Premier Claim Service

You are more than just a policyholder, you are a NatGen Premier Client. As a Premier Client, you'll experience premier claim service from the first call to final resolution. This means you can expect a less than 24 hour response time, open communication, clear expectations and one-on-one attention from expert insurance specialists every step of the way. When dealing with your antiques, fine arts, collectibles or unique acquisitions, you can count on our experts for proper valuation or we will work with your preferred experts. Our goal is to ensure as little disruption to your life as possible; we accomplish this through rapid resolutions.

Need help filing a claim?

Call 1-844-287-2236 or login to file your claim online. Agents login here to start a claim. 

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