Private Collections

Your collection is as unique as you are, and your coverage should align with it’s value. Our NatGen Premier independent agency partners have the experience and expertise that you need to insure your most valuable items. Call 1-844-287-2237 to find a local independent agent.


Whether you have a large collection of fine china, rooms furnished with costly antiques, or only a couple pieces of valuable jewelry, NatGen Premier has coverage options to fit your individual needs. While your homeowners policy provides coverage for your personal property, there are limits for special items, so it is important that you insure your valuables and collections for their full worth.

Some items you may want to consider covering are: Fine Jewelry, Pieces of Art, Collections of Wine, Sets of China, Musical Instruments, Antiques, and other collections. NatGen Premier offers Scheduled Personal Property and Blanket Coverage options as endorsements on your homeowners policy to cover these special items.

Scheduled Personal Property

Having a schedule of insured valuables means that each item is insured for a specific amount, usually that which it has been appraised for. In the event of a claim, your scheduled item will be restored or replaced with like kind and quality materials with no deductible charge to you.

Blanket Coverage

Having a blanket of coverage for your valuables is convenient for individuals that often buy and sell pieces, but maintain a consistent dollar amount for the collection, or have a large number of pieces similar in value.

Premier Client Collections*

Premier Client Homeowners that insure their private collections with us also benefit from the following:

  • Fine Arts Conservation
  • Breakage for Fine Arts
  • Theft Reward Protection
  • Market Value Loss Assessment
  • Worldwide Coverage

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